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Frequently Asked Questions

Building Permits are required on ANY building that will be 10' x10' or bigger.  The permit can be obtained from the clerk.  The cost of the building permit is $50.00. Refer to Building Information Permit Ordinance unders ordinances.

Any new construction now requires a building permit from the County and inspections by a qualified inspector.  The inspector for the Town of Blaine is House of Wood.  Daryl Bazey, owner/inspector can be contacted at 715-472-8530.
Fire numbers for new and replacement can be obtained by contacting Jason Towne at the Government Center in Siren in the County Surveyor/Land Information Office 

Fire protection is provided by the Dairyland Fire Department.  For all emergencies call 911.

Road information can be obtained by calling Ron Gallagher at 715-766-0673.